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Scientific Research Proves NANO SOMA® Activates All 48 Nuclear Receptors In Cells

This Has Never Been Done In Modern Medicine!

Dr. Raghavan’s most recent research paper demonstrates how Metadichol® (a.k.a. NANO SOMA®) activates all 48 nuclear receptors and, as a result, controls all regulatory processes, which includes the entire human body, as we have seen.

In Modern medicine, this has never been done.

Metadichol®: A natural nano lipid emulsion that expresses all 48 Nuclear receptors in the Stem, Somatic, and Cancer cells.

The human nuclear receptor (NR) is made up of 49 ligand-dependent transcription factors that play important roles in development, metabolism, reproduction, cell cycle, differentiation, and diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, to name a few.

According to current gene sequencing data, NR is present in many organs, disease cells, and tissues.

We lack a quick, all-encompassing technique to investigate the expression of NR that tiny compounds can activate in a variety of sick and healthy cell states.

Here, Dr. Raghavan provides a methodical approach to NR profiling in human umbilical cord stem cell lines.

Expression of the 48 human NRs was evaluated using quantitative real-time PCR.

As shown by Q-RT-PCR and validated by Western blot, Metadichol, a nano-emulsion natural lipid alcohol treated Umbilical cord cells, Fibroblasts, cells expressed all of the nuclear receptors at concentrations ranging from 1 picogram per ml to 100 nanogram per ml in a concentration-dependent manner.

This method will allow the study of many organs and tissues and expand our understanding of the role of NR in normal and disease states.

This study demonstrates for the first time that we can express Nuclear Receptors from both undifferentiated and committed cells.

The effect of Metadichol® (a.k.a. NANO SOMA®) on gene expression.

Dr. Raghavan’s method is simple and can be used to investigate a variety of cells.

Metadichol® appears to be a natural ligand for all 48 Nuclear Receptors.

Other Studies have already demonstrated that it binds to VDr, AHR, THRA, THRB, and RORC (12,30,31,32).

Many other genes are deferentially expressed in the 2 sets of cells studies (stem and fibroblasts).

Further studies with different types of cells, such as looking at the pattern of NR expression, would lead to a better understanding of the nature of Nuclear expression induced in various cells by using Metadichol®.

Metadichol® Chromosomes and Major Pathways

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Regenerates the Body down to the cellular level

Reverse Biological Aging

Regulates all nuclear receptors in our cells

Regulates more than 2,300 human genes

Telomere Regeneration

Mitochondria Repair

DNA Repair

Repairs Cells, Tissues, Nerves and Organs

Blood Vessel Repair

Rejuvenates Skin

Immune system Modulator

Improves vitamin D3 utilization

Increases Vitamin C Endogenously

Modulates abnormal biomarkers

Promotes Adiponectin (a hormone that helps regulate blood glucose)

Improves cardiovascular health

Inhibits TNF-α and NF-κB

Removes harmful bacteria, fungus, yeast, mold and parasites

Removes harmful toxins, viruses and heavy metals down to the cellular level

Cleanses Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide down to the Cellular Level

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5 sprays in mouth 4 times a day (1 bottle)

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5 sprays in mouth 2 times a day (1 bottle)

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5 sprays in mouth 1 or more times a day


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